Coney Hall restauranteur fined £580 after his rubbish was dumped in Chelsfield

By Luke King in Environment

RESIDENTS and businesses are warned to check they are using licensed waste carriers after rubbish meant for disposal was dumped in Chelsfield.

Waste from refurbishment of Jinaan’s Calcutta Indian Restaurant in Coney Hall was fly-tipped in Skibbs Lane by an illegal waste removal operator.

The restaurant owner, Mehmet Shukri, pleaded guilty at Bromley magistrates’ court for failing to ensure his waste was disposed of legally and safely by a licensed waste carrier.

The court took into account that he usually disposed of his waste lawfully and felt he had learned a lesson and was unlikely to offend again. He was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £580.

Councillor Colin Smith, Bromley’s executive councillor for environment, said: “If you’ve got waste to get rid of - whether you’re a business or a resident – don’t use cold callers offering a quick fix. It might seem as if they offer a cheap, easy solution and it’s for a reason.

“They are almost certainly cheats and criminals who won’t think twice about taking your money with the sole intention of then fouling either your own, or someone else’s neighbourhood nearby.

“Please help put them out of business by starving them of cash and refuse to offer anybody the time of day who approaches you without a bona fide waste transfer notice cross referenced on the Environment Agency’s website.

He added: “Please make sure that you keep hold of that waste transfer note too. Ultimately we all remain personally responsible for the waste we produce and can face prosecution if it later turns up dumped in dubious circumstances.”

The court heard Mr Shukri was ‘cold called’ by a waste removal operator, didn’t check to see if he was a licensed waste carrier and paid £320 to have three mattresses and more than 30 boxes of take-away bags removed for disposal.

Mr Shukri failed to obtain a waste transfer note which would prove he was handing over responsibility of rubbish disposal to someone else. As he was still liable for the waste, and having admitted that no duty of care checks were made, prosecution followed.

All legitimate waste carriers carry an Environment Agency certificate of registration which businesses and residents should ask to see before handing over their waste.

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