VOTE 2017: The three Lib Dem candidates vying for Bromley’s seats

By Luke King in Politics

BROMLEY Liberal Democrats have named the three local candidates who will stand in parliamentary constituencies in Bromley borough at the general election on June 8.

The party says it has now selected candidates in over 90 per cent of constituencies across the UK.

Standing in Orpington, currently held by Conservative MP Jo Johnson, is Alex Feakes, a physics teacher at Bullers Wood school in Chislehurst who spent 15 years in business as an accountant and finance director. He stood previously for the Beckenham constituency, and served as a councillor for eight years, as well as a secondary school governor for nine years.

Alex said: “Many people feel distant from and unheard by their current representation in Parliament. The Conservatives seem determined to make Britain suffer the worst possible outcomes from leaving the EU, pursuing minority interests destined to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

"At the same time Labour are heading down an historical cul-de-sac, sacrificing the pursuit of a better society, with the many complexities and compromises that might need, for the comfort of a political purity that will help no one.

“The Liberal Democrats are clear: we will fight to stop Britain’s exit from EU, which will be so damaging to the life chances of so many in our country, and at the very least will give you a say over the final terms.

"We are the only party to have their sights set on building a better country for all, from free trade to better schooling, and from fairly-funded health care to affordable housing."

Julie Ireland will stand in the Beckenham constituency, where Col Bob Stewart is the Conservative MP. An IT consultant, she has lived in West Wickham for 25 years. A single mum with two children, she claims to be “acutely aware” of the financial pressures on families and young people.

Julie said: “Housing and health are two major issues that bring families to crisis point. I’m determined to speak out in favour of imaginative and progressive policies to bring long-term change to the lives and future of a generation that seems to have been forgotten. 

“When the UK voted to leave the EU I felt that the open, diverse, outward looking, tolerant country I loved was disappearing from my life and the lives of my children. This general election is a wonderful opportunity to give a voice to the majority of people in Beckenham who voted Remain in the referendum, as well as the many Leave voters who did not intend that their vote would lead to a hard Brexit. I want to speak out for them.” 

Sam Webber will stand in the Bromley & Chislehurst constituency, currently held by Conservative MP Bob Neill. Sam, who has lived in Bromley all his life, stood for the constituency in the 2015 and 2010 general elections and is well known in the area.

A communications consultant for the news website PoliticsHome, he is also a member of Amnesty International and the Electoral Reform Society.

Sam commented: “Thousands of residents in Bromley & Chislehurst are employed in sectors that will be directly affected by the hard Brexit being pursued by Theresa May, including financial services and health. Who is speaking up for them?

"Even Leave voters did not vote for the economic instability and the consequent damage to public services that are the inevitable outcome of the policies of this disastrous Conservative Government.”

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Andrew · 110 days ago · Report

The Lib Dems needs to be relevant and visible to win. London voted remain. Lib Dems support the Single Market. In the world we want a government whose first response is not War. However we do need a strong and well supported Armed Forces. Lib Dems in Bromley needs to look at local issues: Our NHS provision, Transport, especially trains. There is a chance to win again here. But the effort must be put in. Get to it!!!!

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